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Private Yoga Sessions at

The Studio!

Sometimes a Private Yoga Session is just what you need!

A class devoted to YOU, your needs, your intentions, your fitness level, your season in life.

We are here to guide you through your very own private session either here at The Studio or at your home.


Our prices are as follows:

$100 for on-site private session at The Studio (up to 2 people, $10 more for each additional person)

$135 for at-home private session at your home (up to 2 people, $10 more for each additional person)

We have a beautiful yoga room that is heated and humidity controlled, so there is an option for a Hot Yoga session when you choose to come on site for your private session. But if you are more comfortable at home, we are happy to come directly to you for your session.

Email us today to set up your private session today.

We look forward to leading you through your own flow - at your own pace - in your own time.


Email to Book Today:

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