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It's a family affair

Creating Functional Movement utilizing our Mind, Body & Souls,

The Studio- Elevated Fitness provides you access to everything you need from a gym and a yoga studio all under one roof. We are what you might call a modern sanctuary from lives everyday hustle.

We created The Studio to provide a safe space for EVERYbody to MOVE with a community of like minded people.

We believe  "when you don't MOVE it,  you lose it".

We know that you need a variety of not only stability, strength, mobility, endurance and recovery in order to optimize the way you feel in your fitness journey and because of that we have brought all of these modalities together and created a beautiful, functional sanctuary for your mind, body and soul.

We attract the dreamers - people who are ready to dive into that life they have always dreamed of with people who believe in their journey. People who believe  in the power of commitment to themselves, consistency and community.

The Studio community is made up of every kind of beautiful human. Mothers and fathers, youth, athletes, independent, strong, like-minded, people that crave that power they have within.

  • We believe in love and health throughout mind, body, and soul.

  • We believe in foundation, vulnerability without judgment from ourselves or others and growth.

  • We are so much more than a place to sweat! We are a place where anyone and everyone can come in and learn so much about themselves, from the inside out, while encouraging their physical and mental health to a whole new level. 

We can't wait for you to be a part of the family! 

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