The Dream Team

Move. Breathe. Live.


Kasey and Ryan are the owners of The Studio. Kasey also teaches spin, combo classes and her signature Studio Hot Yoga Flow Class. She is a coach for our small group training and a personal trainer, as well. Her positive spirit is contagious and her classes are fun, creative & filled with joy!

Ryan is our business consultant and the guy who gets things done! We love him!

Kasey & Ryan Sorensen


Ayden Sorensen

Ayden is the beautiful daughter of Ryan and Kasey and you will find her working the front desk, cleaning and doing various things around The Studio to keep it beautiful and amazing! She's the cutest!


Leslie Nease

Leslie helps Kasey & Ryan manage The Studio. She also teaches Barre, Spin, Barre Boxing, Step and Dance classes and is one of our personal trainers. She is a seasoned, creative instructor with a heart that you can literally feel in her class!

Lizzy instructs our Hot Yoga classes. She's beautiful on the inside & out and when you take her class, you can't help but leave knowing you've been in the presence of greatness! 

Lizzy Minkes


Anastasia Jacob

Anastasia is one of our Yoga Instructors. Her warm smile, kind heart and sweet soul make her a wonderful asset to our team! She is careful to give you good cues throughout the flow and her classes are invigorating and challenging!

Lauren is one of our Yoga Instructors. She has the most nurturing soul! She truly feels everything around her - and she incorporates that in her movements as she guides you through each one.

Lauren Lockey

Caity, Heidi & Haley Messick

Tiffany Ale

You'll find Tiffany teaching our Spin and Combo classes! Her classes have power, great energy and will leave you feeling sooooo good! 

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 3.27.29 PM.png

You'll find Lisa instructing our Spin and Step classes! She also dabbles in Barre & Yoga - so basically she's amazing. She is so sweet and kind - but don't let that fool you! She is a POWERHOUSE in class!

Lisa Willey

Emily instructs Yoga here at The Studio. You will know her by her amazing smile, gracious spirit and gentle instruction - all things that make her a huge asset to our team!

Emily Altman

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 2.49.58 PM.png

Heather is one of our Yoga and Spin Instructors. Her classes are so inviting because her personality is so genuine and fun! As she leads you through the class, she will have you feeling confident and amazing!

Heather Nalette


Amy is one of our awesome Yoga Instructors. Her incredible knowledge, kind heart and love for the practice is what will initially draw you to her and her power-packed classes will keep you coming back!

Amy Bachmann


Heidi Manning

Heidi is one of our Barre Instructors and she is a fun, creative instructor who is centered and strong in form. You'll love her class!


Lindsey teaches our Cardio Barre class here at the Studio! Lindsey is full of energy, always has a smile and is excited to lead you through some awesome barre classes here at The Studio!

Lindsey Stevens


Lisa is one of our Team Trainers. She creates the most amazing workouts and always makes you feel safe and challenged (in such a good way!). We love having her on the team!

Lisa Blaser


Kennedy is one of our Team Trainers here at The Studio and she is a rockstar!! Her workouts are so much fun and she always has a kick-butt playlist! You can also find her on Instagram - she has workout guides online! Just follow kpnfit!

Kennedy Nease


Caity, Heidi & Haley are our front desk team! Heidi is Caity & Haley's mom and also helps manage the day to day operations at The Studio. We literally would be lost without her! And her girls are the cutest! If you come to see us, you will probably meet one of these lovelies as you walk in the door!

Caity, Heidi & Haley



Lori is one of our Team Training Coaches. She loves weight training and her passion for teaching others to love it shows in her classes! She's one of the sweetest people you'll meet - but don't be fooled - she will kick your butt in class!

Lori Ruedi

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 3.06.35 PM.png

Rebecka is one of our awesome Spin instructors! Her classes are high energy, fun and always have a FABULOUS playlist! You can also find her teaching the Spin and Strength sometimes on Saturday mornings!

Rebecka Gautney


Allison teaches Yoga for us here at The Studio. Her warm smile, kind heart and TRUE love of Yoga and teaching are evident in her classes! You will be encouraged, challenged and leave with a smile on your face when you take her classes!

Allison Bowman


You'll find Kayla teaching our Barre, Yoga and Pilates classes! She loves to guide her classes to move their bodies in functional ways that feels good to your breath and spirit! You will love her creative classes!

Kayla McCoy


You will find this ray of sunshine subbing in our Spin classes! Cami is full of energy, has a great time in her classes (she likes to use old school music!) and always makes sure everyone has FUN!

Cami Bingham

Kelli always finds a way to make things FUN! Her energy, enthusiasm and creativity make for a great time every class she teaches! If you are looking to take a class that will put you in a good mood, just find her on the schedule!

Kelli Bills