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These 10 to 60-minute power-packed classes are designed to elevate your workouts at home while building strength, endurance and range of motion all while having fun — fitness is cool like that.

Train to hit the beautiful mountains all around us here in Heber with our Spin classes, where we do drills specifically to strengthen your muscles and cardio system for Mountain Biking or Road Biking so you can crush your outdoor cycling! We offer more options in colder weather, so you can continue to train in the off-season (it gets a bit cold around these parts!).


Our Spin & Strength class offers the cardio workout of spin with a strength training sesh!

Energy, Music, MUST try our Spin classes!

Endurance. Strength. Intervals.

Elevate TEAM Training is our newest way to move at The Studio! This is our Premium Membership!


For just $179 per month, you can have:

  • Three TEAM Training Sessions weekly for 8 weeks, which focus on Balance, Agility, Strength Training, Breathing and Flexibility and are taught by one of our awesome Personal Trainers (We have a few time slots to choose from!)

  • Body-fat Analysis at the beginning and the end of the 8 week program

  • Accountability and a small-group community with others who are working alongside of you and encouraging you on your journey

  • A suggested food plan and coaching to help you with your nutrition needs throughout the 8 weeks

  • Your own, personal equipment which will be sanitized before and after each workout session

  • Limited class sizes to help you social distance while meeting your fitness goals

  • Unlimited access to our Yoga, Barre, and Spin classes

  • RESULTS! Your body will love the changes you will experience in our TEAM Training Environment! Call today for more info. 

Commitment. Consistency. Community.

One of the only local Hot Yoga Studios with room temperature control (no space heaters) and humidity control! Our Yoga Studio is beautifully designed just for you! Breath is linked to movement as you flow from one posture to the next in this awesome class! 

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

  • It Reduces Stress

  • It Detoxifies Your Body

  • Can Aid Healthy Weight Loss

  • Increases Flexibility

  • Strengthens Your Body

  • Increases Your Heart Rate

  • It's Good For Your Skin

  • Prevents Back Pain

  • Tones and Defines Muscles

  • Helps You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

95 - 104 Degrees

Our Cardio Barre class combines the movements and flow of Pilates, Barre and Yoga with some light weight training (with lots of reps!) to leave you feeling stronger and leaner.

Our Studio Original Barre Boxing class is the only Barre class in the area that combines the beauty and flow of Barre Pilates with the power and punch of Cardio Kickboxing! A great class that taps into your beauty side - and your beast side!

We also offer Barre Pilates, which is a combination of pilates and barre movement. It is definitely a challenging, powerful workout for your entire body!

No matter which class you attend, when you hit the Barre with us at The Studio, your body will thank you!

No shoes needed.


Lengthen. Tone. Sculpt.



Move. Breathe. Live.

In addition to our heated yoga, we also offer non-heated, traditional Yin Yoga, Empower & Restore and Slow Flow Yoga classes! These classes are a wonderful compliment to any fitness program. Our incredible Yoga Instructors lead you through movement and breath while holding your poses longer for a deeper, healing stretch. You do not have to touch your toes to excel in our classes! Come as you are. Improve along the way. We're here to help!


The Studio 55 E Center St #140, Heber City, UT 84032 | 435.315.3635 |