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Looking for accountability & community?
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These 10 to 60-minute power-packed classes are designed to elevate your workouts at home while building strength, endurance and range of motion all while having fun — fitness is cool like that.

Train to hit the beautiful mountains all around us here in Heber with our Spin classes, where we do drills specifically to strengthen your muscles and cardio system for Mountain Biking or Road Biking so you can crush your outdoor cycling!


Our Ride & Flow will take you on a ride that will challenge you while allowing you to ride with the beat of the music up and down hills, through sprints & drills designed to get your heart pumping. End your class with a heated yoga flow and relaxing savasana with a eucalyptus and lavender scented cool towel. 


We offer more options in colder weather, so you can continue to train in the off-season (it gets a bit cold around these parts!).


Our Spin & Strength class offers the cardio workout of spin with a strength training sesh!

Energy, Music, MUST try our Spin classes!

Endurance. Strength. Intervals.



Commitment. Consistency. Community.

TEAM TRAINING is like personal training, but in a small group (TEAM) setting! The accountability, community and commitment of our teams make this the perfect way to meet your fitness goals and feel amazing!

Our teams meet 2 times per week and then attend some of our other awesome classes during the week, as well. The options are to join one of our already formed teams, or you can form your own team at a time that works for you!

Currently, we have teams that meet on these days and times:

Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30am

Monday, Wednesday at 8:30am

Monday, Wednesday at 4:30pm (coming this fall!)

Monday, Wednesday at 6:00pm

Team Training is part of our Premium and our Prime Membership. You also have access to all of our spin, yoga, barre, combo, workshop and POP UP classes on the schedule with your Premium or Prime Membership! Find out more about our membership costs and options by clicking here! 

To join or form a team, contact Kasey today by email at!

The only local Hot Yoga Studio with room temperature control (no space heaters) and humidity control! Our Yoga Studio is beautifully designed just for you! Breath is linked to movement as you flow from one posture to the next in this awesome class! And you will end the class with a member favorite - a cool lavender and eucalyptus towel for a relaxing savasana.

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

  • It Reduces Stress

  • It Detoxifies Your Body

  • Can Aid Healthy Weight Loss

  • Increases Flexibility

  • Strengthens Your Body

  • Increases Your Heart Rate

  • It's Good For Your Skin

  • Prevents Back Pain

  • Tones and Defines Muscles

  • Helps You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

95 - 104 Degrees

Our Cardio Barre class combines the movements and flow of Barre and Yoga with some light weight training (with lots of reps!) and Cardio Bursts to get your heart rate up and your body moving!

We also offer Heated Yoga Barre where we fuse together the graceful movement of barre & yoga with a touch of pilates to strengthen the core in an 86 degree room for a great sweat! Enjoy a stretch and savasana at the end with a refreshing, cool lavender and eucalyptus towel to cool you off and leave you feeling amazing!

No matter which class you attend, when you hit the Barre with us at The Studio, your body will thank you!

No shoes needed.


Lengthen. Tone. Sculpt.



Move. Breathe. Live.

In addition to our heated yoga, we also offer non-heated, traditional Yin Yoga, Heated Vinyasa Flow and Slow Flow Yoga classes! These classes are a wonderful compliment to any fitness program. Our incredible Yoga Instructors lead you through movement and breath while holding your poses longer for a deeper, healing stretch. You do not have to touch your toes to excel in our classes! Come as you are. Improve along the way. We're here to help!

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