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Mindfulness in 2021

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

2021 is here! How you feeling so far? New year’s resolutions fallen by the wayside already?

No regrets, every day is a new day. Most Americans have failed those by the start of February anyway! Instead of unachievable resolutions, how about being more mindful, taking up mediation of simply just slowing down? But how do I do this?

Not a day passes that you do not see something about mindfulness in the media. But what does this all mean? You say, “I don’t have time to do this or set up a meditation room or let alone a home shrine!” Actually, this is a lot simpler than you think. Start my just noticing your breath, pay attention to how your body feels, notice your 5 senses, set an intention about your day when you wake up, slow down your eating, listen to a calming app or relaxing music to fall asleep, journal your feelings, stop multitasking, get out in nature, only think about today, be grateful, declutter your surroundings, lessen your screen time, laugh and smile! These are just a handful of ways to keep moving through these first days and weeks of 2021.

The above acts all serve as self-love and it all starts with self. When we are better about yourselves, we are better to all those in our lives. The hardest part most of the time is the start and that ability to show up for whatever it is that you want.

Here at The Studio there are a multitude of ways to feel at home and make that connection. Whether that is a hot yoga class, team training or a spin class. Check out our website and schedule there is something for everyBODY.

Upcoming this month on Friday January 29 at 6:30 pm we have a special Yoga Nidra class. If you have ever taken a restorative or yin class, this is the mergence of the two. Pure bliss in fact. Yoga Nidra is defined as yogic sleep. This is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that surrenders you and your body. This practice will be in a warm room with use of props to allow you to fully experience this. Guaranteed not to disappoint! Sign up now, limited spaces and will fill quickly.



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