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Cross Training for Results!

When we begin a fitness routine, it can be easy to get into a rut. Maybe we don't even realize that's where we are, but our bodies know! A rut can happen when we get into a habit of only doing one type of exercise because it's safe, comfortable, and well, let's be honest - we enjoy it! But did you know that when you only do one type of exercise, it can increase the chances of burnout, over-use injury and even bring on plateaus in your fitness routine?

Enter: Cross Training!

Cross Training is when, in order to get stronger and be able to do what we really love and enjoy, we need to sometimes do different modalities to challenge ourselves and keep our bodies guessing. Our bodies are pretty smart. When we do something over and over again, it gets, well, easier for us. Remember that first spin class you attended? You could barely breathe! You thought you'd never be able to complete the entire class. But now? You're a pro! Your body has adapted, trained and improved. And that's good! But...could it be time to try something new and challenge your body in different ways, too?

The great thing about being a part of the Studio Family is that you have OPTIONS. Lots of them! Yes, we have Spin classes - but we also have Yoga, Barre & Team Training options (not to mention the occasional pop-up step class, dance class, kickboxing class or barre boxing class!). We want to encourage you to try a new class this month! Perhaps a time you've never gone? A modality that has had you scared? An instructor who you've met but you've never had the opportunity to take her class? Now is the time!

All of our classes have something unique and awesome to offer. All of our classes burn calories, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve flexibility & balance and make you stronger and more balanced. But if you've never tried Yoga, maybe this month is the time to do it? What about Barre? Spin? Team Training? All of our classes are challenging in different ways! Your body craves that.

So this month, let's all try something NEW. And when you do, let us know how you felt. Maybe you'll be sore initially (it's always hard to do something new) but I promise you - you will see results, increase your confidence and maybe, just'll find something else you enjoy? (smile)

If you want to meet with one of our instructors who can put you on a great routine with different modalities, let us know! We want to help you be your very best. Let's MOVE!

-Leslie Nease

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